5 Filmmaker Tips For Beginners

If you’re itching to make a movie, and haven’t completed film school, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Filmmaking is a lot of fun, and even if you don’t have much money or a budget, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing this creative endeavor. I hold a university degree and started filmmaking with a whole lot of love for the field and a lot of enthusiasm. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Start small. Buy a Camcorder or use your camera with a movie mode to make a few short movies. Short films are a hot commodity right now, and if you can tell a good story in five minutes or even 30 seconds, you’re on your way to reaching an audience.

To get ideas, watch a few short films on YouTube, or other sites on the internet. You’ll find that there are so many ideas available and even if you are running short on ideas, start at home: focus on a pet, or a hobby, or even a vacation, or music festival.

I’ve personally filmed a few concerts myself and uploaded one on YouTube. Fans of the group will love you, and you’ll also have developed a small portfolio for yourself to be used if you plan on an artistic career.

Write your script. The best part of being a filmmaker is that you have complete autonomy to create your world of drama and adventure. There are dozens of free script programs on the internet that can help you get started. And thanks to the excellent music software programs out there, you can also create and compose your music – all on a computer and with no knowledge of music notation.

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I recently wrote a short script for a short film in 15 minutes on my lunch break at work. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration, and you are on your way. Making interesting characters will make your film all the more exciting and watchable. Perhaps you recall a crazy neighbor with a weird way of talking, or maybe you remember someone interesting on a recent trip to Greece.

If you’re a person who likes to sell, why not pitch something in a short film? You might want to do a short film showcasing your tips on being a great salesperson. You could also create a puppet show, complete with puppets made out of your design. Getting a small film group composed of a few friends will give you an opportunity to take turns filming and performing for the camera.

Start entering contests! It’s a great reason to continue film-making as a hobby or as a future career. I opened a film contest at work and to my surprise, won second place. Making short films is also a great way to show other people a different side of yourself. It is also a great way to gain confidence and improve your writing skills. I noticed a difference in my confidence level after completing a short film which involved narration. I held my head up a little bit higher and felt more alive and gained a lot more confidence. You’ll notice a big difference too – I am sure of it.